My Role

UX, UI, Consultant Designer
Pair design with Lucas Lage
Client: Apptite 


Apptite is a marketplace for home cooks to sell their meals in a simple and fast way. Based in São Paulo and now expanding its territory to Rio de Janeiro, the platform has an average 100-150 deliveries per day. The challenge was to design a gamification app for the moto drivers who attends chefs and clients of the main app.


Where is the “delivery guy” now? What have happened to this specific delivery and why it’s late? How long does it take for the logistic team to know what is going on in each delivery stats?


Based in metrics analysis, we decided to design for android only, because almost 100% of Apptite's deliverers use this platform. Thinking about the users of this logistic app, we design for Android exclusive, using all native material design guidelines to make the development easier to be done.



The problem

Working with so many deliveries per day, the logistic team started to struggle by using third-parties platforms. The controls and status couldn’t be as accurate as they should in order to give the deliverer (user) the best experience when using the platform. Where is the "delivery guy" now? What have happened to this specific delivery and why it’s late? How long does it take for the logistic team to know what is going on in each delivery stats?

Here's the basic flow, the first step to analyze the hole structure and organize the features for MVP version:


The discover

First, we search for several delivery apps, such as Rappi and Loggi, to get to know what we should improve in order to make it even more suitable to our demand: food delivery only. Since we were already using some third-parties apps, we had the opportunity to know straight from its users - the deliverers - what do they thought about its features and what should be enhanced to make it easier and more intuitive.



This new logistic app is the platform to have all information required for each and every delivery. With direct connection to every deliverer it’s possible to know the full stats of each deliver. The “check-in / check-out” features allows the logistic team to know when and where each deliverer is located and be able to know about any issue in advance during the delivery. To what the deliverers were used to work with previously? How does the delivery information was given to them? How free were they to accept or refuse a delivery? Who can the logistic team be in control of each and every delivery? 

The experience: Branding, typography and colors

To keep in mind that this app would be only for deliveries from Apptite, we kept the same typography, icons and imagery from the customer’s app. To create a more custom environment, the user can customize the profile picture and cover image in his app. With a pattern of colors and imagery, the navigation experience was easier and intuitive, because it's repeated and similar in every part of the delivery.


All functions are accessible during the entire process. With over 3 years working along with the logistic team, all scenarios were thought previously. The success deliveries now would be rewarded with a extra cash bonus and the problems could be solved in a short period time. This insure that neither the deliverer, nor the client would experience drastic problems in case of cancelations, delays or, in the worst scenario, an accident. 


Want to know more?

The app is on development phase and will be released in Google Play in a few months.