These are some projects I’ve made as motion designer. As I‘ve been focused in digital products for the last years, I used this skill to suggest movements and behaviors for interface elements. I think the short movies above can show what I can do :)


Scenes of:
- CAIXA ECONÔMICA, for website pages, 2012
- Nativoo app, 2012
- Colégio Ideal VT, 2011
- La tortuga, exercise for CICE’s classes, 2011
- Firefly, wedding animation, 2011
- Continue, BdeVaca documentary for Multishow, 2010
- Filomena, student movie, PUC-Rio, 2009
- Pluie Poá, Animamundi Celular finalist, 2008
- Mais uma Canção, student movie, UnB, 2007
Soundtrack: Bird Song Intro - Florence and The Machine
Made in After Effects, 2013.



UNICEF’s app: Proteja Brazil presentation.
Agency: Fermento
Made in Flash, 2013.


Nativoo app’s presentation.
Made in After Effects, 2013


Simbio app’s presentation.
Made in Flash, 2013.


VT for Colégio Ideal
Agency: Duas Estúdio Criativo.
Soundtrack: Garage Band.
Made in After Effects, 2013.


Videoclip “O mar gelou o deserto” for Renato Barushi
Made in After Effects, 2013.

Personal Projects

Filomena, 2009
Student short movie for Animation Pos Grad final project, at PUC-Rio.
This movie have been in many festivals in Brasil, such as Festival de Ouro Preto, Animaserra and FICI (that travels many cities in Brazil), and it was exhibited in cinemas and in TV Brasil channel for a year.
Made in Photoshop and After Effects, 2009.


Mais uma canção, 2007 (One more song)
Student short movie for Publicity and Advertisement Graduation final project, at UnB.
Made in Corel Draw and Flash (yeah, you have no idea how challenging it was, lol), 2007.


Toque de Cor, 2007 (Color touch)
Student short movie for Animation class at IdA-UnB.
Made in Corel Draw and Flash, 2005.
This one was my first animation short <3

You can watch almost all of my motion experiments in my Youtube or Vimeo channels :)